What We Do

We ask, “Whose voice matters when it comes to educating our children?”

McERA strives to change the dynamics that have isolated our teachers, schools and education decision-makers. We believe that every teacher wants to successfully educate and every child has limitless promise. To support the trust and awareness that are needed to change dynamics that often debilitate our schools, we bring sustained opportunities for positive partnerships between schools and their leaders with families and community to foster student success.

We do our work by focusing on sharing essential knowledge and expertise in order to bridge cultural and economic gaps between students and schools.

There is an imperative for us. While proven and promising programs are contributing to improvements, we believe that fundamental relational and cultural practices, which nurture graduation opportunities for all students, are not yet established in our P-16 education system. Significant education opportunity gaps persist and contribute to our children being ill prepared for the new world economy or an appreciation and ability to navigate our multicultural nation and world.

Our Mentor network advocates for changes in policies, programs and practices that not only support education justice for all students, but also contribute to teacher satisfaction and success.

Our neighborhoods, cities, states and nation will only prosper when we believe that all America’s children are worthy of an education that supports each child in reaching their full potential. Transformational changes require a movement of the people to engage hearts and change minds from the school house to the statehouse.

We believe those who have the most to gain and the most to lose are vital voices with essential knowledge to inform our public education systems. Join us to galvanize and connect the power of the community to support public education and our schools.