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Janet Jones Preston Recommends:

Schooling Homeless Children

Janet Jones Preston recommends this book as inspiration to transform schools into a communities to honor and support all children. The book is based on a case study of Seattle’s B.F.Day elementary school. (Features Golden Apple Award winner for Educational Excellence, Ms. Janet Jones Preston).

Having Our Say

“I felt proud to be an American citizen reading Having Our Say…the two voices, beautifully blended…evoke an epic history…often cruel and brutal, but always deeply humane.”—New York Times Book Review

When Sadie and Bessie Delany were 104 and 102 years old, respectively, they told their life stories to journalist Hearth in a remarkable contribution to oral history. As the daughters of a freed slave who became America’s first elected black Episcopal bishop, the sisters’ careers-in education and dentistry-took them to New York during the Harlem Renaissance. Memoirs like this beg to be told aloud.—Library Journal